Under the african sun (Self-portrait) - 2007

Alois ŠTYNDL....native of Prague (6-th March 1950)
Despite graduated at Technical University as a Civil Engineer (specialising in water systems) Alois‘ soul tends towards listening to music and the enjoyments found from open nature, traveling through foreign countries, both of which brings a feast of visual arts. ….. Overall he tries to live with his eyes wide open and thus absorbing all the world’s beauty.

His painting initiations was
when as a student he
living student life to
working with oil colours. The
quickly became his new passion

However, the practicalities
away from his passion. After
accumulated impressions,
have brought him back to
his free time painting down


between 1971 and 1975,
devoted part of his free
mastering the techniques of
scent of linseed oil and turpentine
and remains so up to the present day.

of life post school took him
a 20 year pause the
knowledge and experiences
easel, now he spends most of
all his feelings from his journeys.

Medina in Bizerta (Tunisia) - 2008


St. John`s and Paul`s Church (Prague – Krteň) - 2006

He is proud of his amateur status and acknowledges that his artwork is influenced by his study of all paintings which he has seen in galleries across the globe

His most influential artistic experience was the visiting of Paul Cézanna exhibition, in Paris in 1995, some hundred years after Cézanna‘s first and at that time “scandalous” exposition.

Still life IV. - 2007
Breton–Sunset (France) – 2008

A palette in his hand is nectar for his mind and further it is unimaginable to meet him painting and he will not be listening to his favourite operatic music at the same time. Especially now, he has a lot of time to devote to his hobbies, as a pensioner.

Surrounding of Buštěhrad (Bohemia) – 2001
L´Angle sur l´Anglin (France) - 1999

With this manner of having his sense, immersed into motives obtained from nature and surrounded with musical tones, he breates his view of world – as a symphony of beauty within a color’s melody sterched out on canvas...

Artwork Presentation:
- Author’s exhibition in SUDOP PRAHA a.s.: Annually in the years 1997 - 2012, 2014, 2016
- Drawing-room of creative artist – Prague Exhibition Centre, within the frame of exhibition „Prague – European city of culture 2000“: June/July 2000
- Author’s exhibition in „Le Bistrot Levallois“, PARIS: October 2002


Nude V. – 2007

In southern Bohemia – 2005
- Author’s exhibition in Orfeus Theatre, Prague 5: April 2001
- 4. Salon Art et Création, ChÂTELLERAULT (France): September 2002
- Author’s exhibition in Palace „MPF Assurances“, TOURS (France): May 2004
- Author’s exhibition in Palace „COFACE“, PARIS – DÉFENSE“: July 2004

Surrounding of Buštěhrad (Bohemia) – 1997

- Author’s exbibition in the Library of Prague 13, Stodulky: May - June 2013
- Exhibition of paintings by artists of Prague 13 at the City Hall, Prague 13, Stodulky - June 2013
- 2. Author’s exbibition in the Library of Prague 13, Stodulky: September - October 2013


Nude VIII. - 2009

Nocturne in the Alps (Switzerland) - 2012

- 3. Author’s exbibition in the Library of Prague 13, Stodulky: February - April 2015
- Author’s retrospective exhibition organized on the occasion of Author´s 65th birthday and the 20th anniversary of the art of painting in the Exhibition hall "Hagibor", Prague 2: in days 24th September to 31st October, 2015
- 2. Author’s retrospective exhibition in the Exhibition hall "Hagibor", Prague 2: 9.11. - 20.12. 2016
- 3. Retrospective Author's exhibition in the Exhibition hall "Hagibor", Prague 2: september - october 2017


Winter evening - 2014

Nude XIII. - 2015

- "Impressions from France" - Author's exhibition at Café 35 (French Institute) in Prague 1: January - February 2018
- 4. Retrospective Author's exhibition in the Exhibition hall "Hagibor", Prague 2: 11.10. 2018 - 6.1. 2019
- 4. Author’s exbibition in the Library of Prague 13, Stodulky: 4. - 28.6. 2018
- 5. Retrospective Author's exhibition in the Exhibition hall "Hagibor", Prague 2: 5.11. 2019 - 31.1. 2020
- Author's retrospective exhibition in the Penzion Café Charles Jordan, Prague 7: 18.2. - 31.3.2020

His paintings are contained within private collections in both the Czech Republic (in Gallery pictures marked *), and other European countries (France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Ukraine), in Africa (Tunisia) and in North America (Canada) - (in Gallery pictures marked **).

E-mail: alois.styndl (@) seznam.cz